Candy & Lighter Heart Boxes for Valentine's Day!

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✨ I N D U L G E ✨

A Valentine's Day chocolate box for your lil' situationship, that includes both candy AND lighters! Finally, amiright?

Each design comes with the cutest little matching card with a cut out heart shape (peep the video in the first slide!) and a perfectly sized matching pink gift bag.

Each box includes:

  • the box itself, a 7x7 inch keepsake you can upcycle and keep forever <3
  • 4 exclusive lighters featuring my most loving illustrations.
  • at least 10 ~name brand~ candies including Twix, Snickers, Skittles & Starbursts (the good flavors only, boo).
  • matching greeting card.
  • matching pink gift bag with the words 'love is eternal' etched in gold.

Choose between the designs you see in the photos. Only two of each were made!



Description of each design for easy reference:

1. Ur Mine - purple background with the words 'Ur Mine' 

2. Cum In Peace - green aliens

3. Barbie Loves You - pink doll smoking on blue background with words 'Love You'

4. Happy V Day - dark green background with the words 'Happy Valentine's Day'

5. Open - blue legs on pale pink background with the word 'Open'

6. I Love You - LV inspired print on teal background with the words 'I Love You'